I don’t have an office full of cubicles staffed by disaffected employees who can’t wait for the freedom bell to ring at 5pm.

I am a sole trader and consequently I have sole responsibility for the happiness of my clients. I also don’t claim to be an expert in everything.

I do however strive to produce something which I feel I can be proud of. So I won’t promise you the earth and if I feel that what you require is beyond my abilities to provide I will tell you so and attempt to direct you to someone who can fulfill your needs.

I have a BSc in Software Engineering and have been a Senior Developer designing high end software for the Chemical and Radio Frequency Engineering sectors, but who wouldn’t prefer to work from home in the company of an insane white & tabby tom-cat?

I prefer to use open source technologies to develop our websites, so in most circumstances I prefer to work on linux hosting packages, utilizing apache web server.  I will happily create your site using bespoke code or freely available open source content management systems depending on your functional requirements. I always strive to ensure that any code is standards compliant, compatible across all browsers and maintainable by another web developer should you choose to move on to another web development provider.