Graphic Design is a  subjective thing. One person’s heaven is almost always someone else’s hell.

When we start on the process I initially know nothing about your tastes or vision for your website. It can be very helpul to provide images, urls to websites or sketches and layouts to provide a starting point. Obviously if you have any strong preferences for colours etc… these should be stated  at the start.

The process is iterative, collaborative and deeply intertwined with the content of the site. I am not a marketer and cannot provide the content for you. So you need to know what it is you want to say on your site. Between us we then need to make the content and the design work together editing and compromising on one or the other.

Because of the iterative nature of the process I often have found myself looking back at first drafts of designs and been embarassed and horrified at the initial site!! So don’t be afraid in the early stages.

I hope this gives you some idea of what to expect if you decide to engage my services.

Rebel IT