G.J. McCarthy Shirts


Screen Capture of G.J. McCarthy shirts siteGary McCarthy is an experienced bespoke shirtmaker with a long list of distinguished clients. He has had a website for some time but it was a single page and he wanted it updated and to provide a bit more information.

When I looked at his existing site I noticed all the text, in fact the entire design had been created as a single gif image and just centered in the page.  This means search engines couldn’t index the content on the page as it was not machine readable text.

So initially I re-created his existing page, but as a proper html page with searchable content and submitted the site to some search engines.  So that he might at least start getting indexed while we worked on the new design.

We then used the supplied photographs of his site to create the slideshows on each page to ensure visitors would get to see a range of his work while browsing the site. The design still reflects the colours and logo of the original, but is now a little more dynamic, is indexable and easy to extend and modify in the future.

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