Temperature Indicators Ltd


Temperature Indicators were referred to me when they wanted to add an e-commerce section to their existing website.  Once we had built the online catalogue we recommended a better (and much cheaper) hosting provider and redesigned the original site. As a result online sales have increased by 4 times the level from their original design and they have reduced their hosting overheads.

Their design company at that time managed their site design and web hosting and had already purchased and templated an e-commerce product called Actinic.
screenshot of Temperature Indicators Ltd web site
Initially I was employed to configure and populate the Actinic e-commerce section of the site, but once we had the online catalog operational I was then asked if I could make it look a bit better.

First we worked on improving the design of the catalog and then we turned to the main section of the site.  At that time it had been based on a rather dull Dreamweaver template which relied exclusively on  tables for layout. TI  wanted to retain certain aspects of the original design (the vertical section column containing product links). First I reproduced the existing design but using standards compliant xhtml & CSS.  We then set about designing new graphics.

It was at this point that I noticed TI were paying a disproportionate amount for a very poor windows based web hosting package offering no administrative tools or client accesible statistics. The catalog was also hosted entirely on a shared ssl domain. Since the catalog and main site were on separate domains, the few statistics that were available were very difficult to interpret thus making it impossible to determine ROI (return on investment) from any marketing campaigns impossible to determine.

I recommended an alternative hosting package and hosted the catalog on the same domain (since the SSL requirement is handled by the SagePay payment processing system).

In the third week of deployment online sales increased fourfold.

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