Currently I can provide websites in several ways.


A bespoke site is hand coded from scratch. Such solutions offer the greatest flexibility for design but the most limited functionality. This option is best for small reasonably static (the content doesn’t change very often) sites. This is because unless you have some html and php experience yourself it is likely that you would rely on me to make any future changes. In addition if at some time in the future you wanted to hire someone else to make modifications to the site you would need to hire someone with expertise in certain areas.


A hybrid site is not normally chosen from the outset, but morphs over time when a client at first requires a static bespoke site and then later decides they do actually want some blogging functionality or an e-commerce package.  The point is if we have taken the time to create a really nice looking static bespoke site we can often add certain functionality at a later date.

CMS based

CMS stands for content management system. This really means some kind of framework which provides a web based administration interface allowing the client to make modifications themselves if they are comfortable with it. This kind of system allows the client to publish articles easily and usually offers extra functionality like the ability for users to register on the site, comment on articles and more.  The functions you require will dictate which of the many available systems is right for you. I only use freely available open source systems so there are no hidden costs beyond the development and design process.


I can build e-commerce sites using Zen-Cart an open source e-commerce system. I also have experience using Actinic which is a proprietary windows based e-commerce construction tool although this application is an expensive additional cost and I prefer not to use it if I have a choice!

Hosting & Domain registration

Many design companies will sell you hosting at a huge mark up, and keep control of the domain and hosting in their own hands charging you extra whenever something requires some administration. I prefer to recommend registration and hosting services to my clients and have them purchase these items in their own name,  giving me access to any administration tools for the duration that I am employed with them.

This way if at some point you decide you are not happy with my services you can very easily switch to another design/admin service at your discretion.

If however a client insists that they do not want to be involved in these simple procedures I may be persuaded to do so but at an additional cost.

Stock Photography

I purchase stock photography from a variety of sources and always try to keep the costs down. However I am happy for you to provide suitably licensed images.  Searching for appropriate stock images can be a lengthy and tedious task which can add significantly to the cost of a site.


Sites usually cost somewhere from £180 upwards excluding domain registration, hosting and stock images. This is however entirely dependent upon the complexity of the requirements.