Small Business Guide to websites.

I am often approached by individuals who are either self-employed or run a very small business. It is not uncommon to encounter clients who have no experience whatsoever with computers. Frequently they say they need a website, but don’t really know why. This guide is an attempt to provide some easy to read information.

What’s it for?

Why has a website become such an important component of modern business?  Read More

Shop Window

The internet is your global high street, surfers are your passing trade and your website is your shop window.  Read More

Inform Your Customer

Do you ever buy anything without information? Spend all day explaining your products on the phone to potential customers? Read More


Your website is also a prime marketing tool, the content you provide on the site can and should include all your marketing messages. In fact all your content is your marketing. Read More

Getting Visitors

If you build it will they come?
Read More

What is SEO?

The dark art of Search Engine Optimisation.Read More