Advertising Your Business

Your website is also a prime marketing tool, the content you provide on the site can and should include all your marketing messages. In fact all your content is your marketing. Many clients who have never had a website before are often encumbered by the print mentality when it comes to creating content.

You cannot simply copy the content of your print advertising and put it on a website. This is because print materials always have limited space and high cost, requiring any marketing to be very direct and concise.  This is not automatically bad, but typically you end up with a site which has very small pages offering little information. There are two major downsides to this.

The first is that if your site doesn’t provide enough information to a visitor they may simply leave and find one that does or if you’re lucky they will call you for information. Enquiries give you the opportunity to talk to the customer & perhaps you have the skills to turn that into a sale. However they also take up time. Of course if you want customers to call you should design incentives into the content.

Print Marketing vs Web Marketing

The second downside is a result of how visitors find your site in the first place. Printed marketing materials are designed for print so the graphic design, colours, layout etc… are what draw the target user to the document or advert  & then they read the content. On the web people explicitly search for content. They type some words into a search engine and then look at the results. At that stage in the process the aesthetics of your website have no bearing on their choice.

So if you simply use your limited print marketing text for content it may not contain the words and phrases that will help your website to be high in the list of results of a particular search engine query.  Having too little content reduces your opportunity to use those valuable keywords that will help get you noticed on a search results page.

Please see Getting Visitors for some more detailed information.